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Victoria Dom - Simple path to happiness

We create apartments and houses that meet the expectations of our customers owing to their superior design, layout, comfort and, above all, affordability. We are guided by a simple philosophy: our objective is to make the purchase of a new dream place to live easy to our customers.

We take satisfaction from our customers’ feeling of safety and comfort hence our designs, apartment prices and purchase process pave the way to the happiness of thousands of Victoria Dom’s customers. We are a Polish company with 22 years of experience. We have built 5,200 apartments and houses with the total surface area of over 301 thousand square meters.

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Classic VI

The Classic VI property development at ul. Modlińska in Warsaw’s Tarchomin district is a great choice for those who look for an affordable apartment with good connections to the city center. The project is located in the midst of numerous green areas, with fully developed infrastructure nearby. The travel time to a metro station by public transport is 15 minutes. Classic VI comprises 51 well laid out and comfortable apartments with the surface areas from 27 to 76 square meters. Each of them has a balcony or a garden.

The property development is located 3 km from the Auchan Modlińska Shopping Mall. Also the Factory Annopol Shopping Mall, IKEA or Centrum M1 are located nearby. Galeria Północna Mall will join them in the near future. But the vicinity of the Classic VI property development is not only great for shopping. Tarchomin offers numerous parks, bicycle tracks and forests. You can take a walk, for example, to the Czarna Struga Nature Reserve, Słupecka Forest or Bródnowski Park. The Zalew Zegrzyński lake only 25 minutes away by car.

Viva Garden V

Viva Garden V is the next stage of the investment project in the green Białołęka district. It comprises low-rise, 3- and 4-story buildings, with 93 apartments with the surface areas ranging from 29 to 78 square meters. In the relatively small surface areas, architects have designed from two to five functional, well laid out and bright rooms. 8 units in this stage are two-level apartments with bright living attics. All units, regardless of the surface area, have a balcony, garden or loggia. The vicinity is dominated by single-family houses and low-rise blocks.

Viva Garden VI

PFollowing the success of the previous stages of Białołęka’s popular Viva Garden project, now the 6th stage is up for sale. This cozy with low-rise three-story development comprises 3 buildings with 99 apartments. In the units with relatively small surface areas (from 34.77 to 66.94 square meters) we have designed well laid out and bright apartments with two to four rooms. Each apartment will have its own balcony, terrace (up to as much as 52.90 square meters) or garden, which, combined with the green vicinity and a fountain located near the building, will help you relax in quiet surroundings.

Viva Garden VII

Viva Garden 8 is the next stage of the popular project in the green Białołęka district which our customers are looking forward to. It comprises three cozy three-story buildings with the total of 100 well laid out and bright units with diversified surface areas. In this stage, 1-4-room apartments with the surface areas from 29 to 81 square meters are available. Each apartment has its own balcony (up to as much as 42 square meters), loggia or, in the case of the ground floor apartments, a garden (with the area of up to 176 square meters). The vicinity is dominated by low-rise single-family houses and blocks.


The Mieszko development is located on the site of the former Mieszko sweets factory at ul. Chrzanowskiego, in the center of the Grochów district, 300 meters from public transport stops. This location guarantees efficient connections to the City Center and other districts, access to extensive infrastructure and offers the possibility of rest away from the city hustle and bustle. The project is located only 5.5 km from Rondo gen. Charles'a de Gaulle'a and 5 km from the Old Town.

Mieszko 2

Mieszko 2 is the second stage of the Mieszko property development located on the site of the former sweets factory at ul. Chrzanowskiego in Warsaw’s Grochów district. This location ensures a convenient commute to the city center. The property development is located 300 m from bus stops and 2 km from the Olszynka Grochowska SKM train station. Two stations of the third metro line, Mińska and Rondo Wiatraczna, are planned in the vicinity of the project (500 m and 1 km away).

Przystanek Praga

The Przystanek Praga property development, located at ul. Boremlowska 48, is a project offering some of the most interesting and affordable apartments in Warsaw. It combines perfect location with friendly and functional architecture and access to extensive urban infrastructure. The development is located 200 meters from bus stops and 650 m from the SKM train station. With the SKM rail you can reach the center of Warsaw in only 15 minutes, travelling only 3 stations!

Praga Południe is a district with atmospheric, low-rise architecture. The local residents can use numerous sports facilities, among others, the Sports and Recreation Center with a climbing wall, sports hall and gym, and Pływalnia Szuwarek with two swimming pools and a fitness room. The district is the seat of the Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra and the dynamic Culture Promotion Center organizing concerts, theater performances, film shows and workshops for children and adults.

Ursus Factory

The Ursus Factory property development is being developed at Traktorzystów Street, near the SKM train station, thanks to which you can reach the city center in only 15 minutes. The station can be accessed via a modern underground passage.

The proximity of the S2, S8 and 7 roads ensures fast and convenient commute to the center of Warsaw. The Ursus SKM train station is only 4 minutes on foot away and the train journey to the city center takes 15 minutes (it is only 5 stations). The property development is located 200 meters from a bus stop. The residents of Ursus Factory will be able to quickly reach the office buildings at Aleje Jerozolimskie in the Blue City area, by the Warsaw West Station and the Rondo Daszyńskiego area. After 2020 the launch of the last station of the II metro line at Połczyńska Street is planned. The station can be reached by car in approx. 8 minutes.