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Living in Warsaw. . . is there any person who doesn't dream about it? I don't think he's here! I did mine, my project is called "M for Grandson"
I welcome you warmly, my name is Urszula and I'm the shot grandmother of 14 month old Aleksandra. In 2017 my husband and I bought a flat in the Viva Garden 4 housing estate. Then my grandson was still in his mom's comfortable tummy, but I already knew for whom we are buying 30 meters with a 100 meter garden.
The apartment was renovated two months ago, which for me was a lot of time for a person in constant motion. However, this time was not wasted, because when the team laid tiles, I was digging holes in sweat, planting trees and pouring out decorative bark.
I couldn't wait for my grandson to see what I had for him. A gift in the form of a flat is a dream, and I was able to turn it into reality. The location of the estate is fantastic, close to the center of Warsaw, not to mention the fact that in 2020 we will be only two tram stops away from the subway, close to shops, buses, but also peace and quiet, which is important during walks with a child, greenery, meadows, beautiful family houses, is what to admire, neighbors are nice and helpful. I recommended this place to my friends and after they came to visit immediately decided to buy it and at the moment 6 apartments are already bought from me, 3 are still wondering, and I can add by the way, that I expect another grandson and on December 28th I already have an appointment with a notary. The cost of such a studio is not exorbitant, when retired I am able to afford such a purchase because no grandson can be harmed so with impetus I set off with the implementation of another project "M for grandchildren".
Best wishes